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Our Promise

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Carefully curated

We source artisan wines from family-run boutique wineries not readily available in the UK, and we create beautiful, thoughtful selections for all occasions.

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Perfect for all occasions

Whether you're treating yourself or sending a gift, simply choose your case and delivery date and let us do the rest. We'll carefully prepare your wine and email you once it has been delivered.

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Beautifully presented

All our selections come in luxury 3 bottle wine boxes with individual wine discovery cards and an optional handwritten gift note. Forget mass-produced and discover unique artisan wines.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • "The taste test got me spot on with “bold and intense reds”. I thought I wasn’t a lover of French wines until I came across Vinscovery. The wines Vinscovery recommended were amazing! Merci Vinscovery."

    Kirsty, London
  • "We were lucky enough to receive a 6 bottle box as gift from a friend - beautiful wine, fabulous packaging and we loved the guides to the wine...”

    Jo, Glossop
  • "Great wines I've enjoyed Vinscover-ing! And very nice prices - keep it up."

    Kristopher, London
  • "Being able to pick wines based on my taste preference has completely changed the way I shop. I can now confidently order an entire case of different wines knowing that I’m going to enjoy every single one!”

    Hannah, London
  • "Ordered a case of 6 wines as a thank you for some friends. Great, friendly, fast service and our friends are very happy with the wine selection.”

    Cheryl, Glasgow